15 Sep 2019

Balkanfolk Ltd. is a Bulgarian firm founded in 2000; its headquarters is in Sofia, 74 Opalchenska Str.

The firm is a legal successor of Zornitsa Students' Cooperation, founded in December 1989.

Balkanfolk's activity is connected with making popular the musical and dance folklore of the Balkan countries – Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and Turkey.

Organises seminars, competitions and festivals:
- Spring folklore competition "Zornitsa";
- Practical Seminar for Balkan Folklore Balkanfolk (folk dance, folk music and folk singing workshop).

Recording music and editing activity:
- Folklore music CDs;
- folklore dances learner's videotapes;
- monophonic and polyphonic ring tones for mobile phones.

Internet site for Balkan folklore:
- www.balkanfolk.com

Internet shop for Bulgarian music:
- www.music-bulgaria.com

Atelier for manufacturing Bulgarian folklore costumes (narodni nosii):
Production of males, women's and children's folk costumes (narodni nosii) from different ethnographic regions of Bulgaria.

Children's traditional costumes
- Children's costumes fron North Bulgaria
- Children's apron

Women's traditional costumes
- Women's embroidered shirt from Veliko Tarnovo Region
- Women's costume from Shoppian Region (sukman, riza, kolan)
- Women's costume from Thrace (riza, prestilka, sukman)
- Women's costume from Northern Bulgaria (riza, brachnik, prestilka)

Men's traditional costumes
- Men's costume from Shoppian Region (benevrek, shirt, poyas, elek)
- Men's shirts with Bulgarian embroidery
- Male Thracian eletsi

„Aide na horoto”
Инициатива на Балканфолк за дарение на дискове с народни хора и песни на българските читалища за 24 май и 1 юни. Срок на инициативата 15 май - 10 юни.
- www.balkanfolk.com/aidenahoroto.php
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