Balkanfolk - Practical Seminar for Balkan folklore

The practical seminar for Balkan folklore Balkanfolk has been an annual meeting since 1997 held in Bulgaria. Year after year the programme includes not only Bulgarian folklore dances but dances of other Balkan countries as well. Traditional musical instruments are taught along with Bulgarian folklore singing, Serbian folklore singing, Bulgarian language, etc. The teachers are eminent professionals in the respective field and come from the respective Balkan country.

The disciplines taught at Balkanfolk editions have been:

- Bulgarian folk dances, Romanian folk dances, Serbian folk dances, Macedonian folk dances, Turkish folk dances, Greek folk dances, Albanian folk dances, Armenian folk dances.
- Traditional folk music instruments: gaida, kaval, tamboura, tapan, tarambouka, gadoulka.
- Bulgarian folklore singing and Serbian folklore singing.
- Bulgarian embroidery, Bulgarian language

11th Balkan folk dance, music and singing workshop Balkanfolk 2008
(18 - 31 July 2008, Varshets)

In the program of Balkanfolk 2008 are included the next courses: Folklore dances: Bulgarian folk dances, Greek folk dances and Serbian folk dances. Musical Instruments: gaida, kaval, dvoyanka, duduk, gadoulka, tamboura, tapan, tarambouka, accordion - Bulgarian music and accordion - Serbian music. Bulgarian folk singing and Bulgarian language
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